2010 tonight will say when

this year was as good as any year i suppose. good stuff happened, bad stuff happened.

in the long run, fortunately there was more good stuff than bad.

traveled more than i normally do. saw more movies than normal. went to the bowl more.

bought more new cars than normal. got luckier than normal, wink. took better pictures.

the blackhawks became world champs, the cubs became whatevers the opposite of that.

interviewed bruce willis, hugh hefner, and bababooey.

kissed a girl who looked like alecia keys in the late night mist in texas.

was completely amazed and in agreement with who tops the best concert of the year: Monotonix

cleaned up my credit which strangely was the only thing i accomplished from my resolution list.

didnt give blood enough didnt work out enough didnt eat right at all.

but i think i only missed one or two days of blogging.

resolutions for 2011: be more free and effective

and drastically change the busblog

happy nude year