a trip down memory lane circa 2010 via busblog pix

.. hows about August?

barnsdale park, aug 2
impromptu picnic turns into a free show

santa monica blvd, aug 2
last known sighting of the tranny del taco (r.i.p.)

glendale, aug 7
test drove a camaro, dude wouldnt let me go on the freeway, so i didnt buy it

the griddle, hollywood, aug 8
two fancy models ordered breakfast, talked lots, drank water, this is what they left behind

west la, aug 11
sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side

cal state long beach, aug 12
taught these high school kids a lil about online journalism. our futures bright.

hollywood, aug 13
the truest showing me what her african walking stick turns into (no airports noticed)

the vista, aug 14
saw scott pilgrim vs the world, best movie of the year

sunset junction street fair, aug 21
my favorite LA street fest never fails

sunset strip, aug 28
people were so drunk, and by people i mean these two girls, not the smashing pumpkins (who played)

la county museum of art, aug 29
sass came into town from vegas, so we had a photo shoot

santa monica place, aug 30
they reopened a mall, so the truest and i took it in

demand media, santa monica, aug 31
was asked to speak on a panel about the web and stuff, reluctantly went, had fun