a journey through 2010 via busblog photos

.. and here we are at May

immigration rally, downtown la, may day
heightened by the controversial arizona law

hollywood blvd, may 2
karisa celebrates her birthday

manchester blvd, mothers day
missed my mom so i got food that reminded me of her

hollywood, may 14
sass and candice join the movie club

my desk, may 17
a very sweet surprise

hollywood, may 20
a double feature: tony clifton at the comedy store; macgruber midnite movie at the grove

las vegas, may 23-24
another boring weekend in the desert

la times, may 25
some of the superstars get recognized by the editor and publisher

church & state, may 27
sometimes its fun to make yr friends freeze mid-conversation

downtown la, may 28
rip gary coleman

downtown la, may 29
almost all of my superhero secrets involve rudimentary time travel and wigs