trust me, i know im lucky

, it might be God’s way of telling me the Cubs are forever doomed

i had some of the most interesting dinners this week with a variety of people.

on Tuesday i dined with a ucsb gaucho who basically taught me that indeed i pre-judge people foolishly and would probably be better off knocking that ish off.

people are dying to break molds. its what we do. white rappers, black presidents, jews for jesus.

so throughout the week i did my best to just let the people be who theyre gonna be with a concerted effort to notice when i was prejudging instead of being open.

because im a ridiculously flawed man this wasnt easy but i must say it was a great week, kicked off by a random encounter that woudnta happen if it wasnt for the fond feelings i have for my alma matter. and the moxie of a young lady.

last night was even better than that, and tonight im being treated to the stand up comedy of ms kathy griffin where i am told they serve nachos. with cheese.

all i ask is that this good fortune continues through monday when the bears appear on national tv on monday night football versus the minnesota vikings outside in the cold, snow, and ice.

2010 thru photos

, next up.. april 2010

la times, april 1
one baby changes everything

angels flight, april 2
lunch with some of the ladies of brand x on the way to starry kitchen

palm springs, easter
romantico italiano weekendo with the truest

holmby hills, april 9
somehow i was invited to the mansion on hef’s 84th birthday to interview him

city hall, april 12
to honor a former lapd officer who was killed in iraq they brought a similar vehicle he was killed in to the lapd hq

club nokia, april 13
karisa and i had such a weird time at the PiL show, in part because we were shushed for talking too loudly while in the pit

arclight, hollywood, april 16
in the lobby after seeing the second best film i saw all year

house of blues, sunset strip, april 18
how was bad religion? not bad.

henry fonda theatre, april 23
how was hole? not bad

ucla festival of books, april 24
creepiest thing i saw all month

the echo, april 28
juliette and the licks, yes thats juliette opening the show while playing drums

cyberspace, april 29
my employer thought it would be a good idea to have the public chat with me, strangely it ended well