yes i still have dreams

theyre different than they used to be. and less specific, but theyre there.

theyve never been about stuff. but when theyre not about stuff you get stuff.

theyre more about being understood. about bonding intellectually. about being trusted

and trusting.

when i was in high school id be blown away if a pretty girl liked the same stuff i liked.

omg you love the blues brothers tooooooo????

its not like that. but more like, lets say whats ever on our minds for the next 15 mins.

no matter what comes out.

no matter how you may feel about me tomorrow. lets just say it. n do it.

once upon a time this very blog used to be where we’d all play that lil game.

now its snot. thats ok. everything changes. courage wanes. dreams adjust.

but one thing that remains is that i wanna do stuff with people.

all sorts of stuff. not all of them dirty.

but not all of them sweet.

theres few things i like more than taking pictures.

here are some of my faves from 2010

toronto, canada, jan 2
in the wake of the failed underwear bomber “enhanced security” was mandatory for international flights going into the usa. here a child speaks for all of us.

hollywood, jan 9
while eating a mcrib in the FoodsCo parking lot on Sunset i wonder why these seagulls prefer that lot when mccarthur park’s lake is only a few miles away. and of course theres also the ocean.

red line, vermont and sunset, jan 16
taggers are the poets of this city

la times cover, jan 20
you have no idea how much i love this paper

hollywood blvd, jan 22
elmo thinks hes undercover when he wears his ron artest jersey, but we see you g

la times, jan 26
tsar makes a triumphant return during a live show in the basement of the alamo

santa monica, jan 28
whenever the lakers win the sky gets purple and rooms for locals are half price