ladies dont need mittens

and division champs dont need jackets

da bears are division champs. they beat brett fav-ruh in a frozen college stadium in minnesota

the game was played on monday night football around the world.

devin hester broke the record for most kickoffs or punts returned for a touchdown (14) and he did it way faster than anyone else. second place got 13 after more than a dozen years, hester has only been in the league 5 years.

the bears also swept the entire NFC Norris Division, the first time anyones run the table on such a competitive division since 1987, the year i became a gaucho

i want a hat for christmas ma

the other day i was being questioned about being a Christian

but you have sex, she challenged.

but theres nothing in the bible that says i shouldnt i said.

but what about gays? she asked

Jesus’s last commandment, almost in defeat of human’s desire to rebel was “just love each other the way ive loved you”, i said.

then she said, tell me why do bad things happen to good people?

wasnt as ready for that one as i was for the others, but it still came pretty easy.

free will. dont you want to know that when you accomplish something you did it. that you have responsibility over your life? free will however opens up the possibility for dbags to do dbaggery.

but i wish i had known of this 10-year old quote at the very bottom of this lead up from this sermon that i wouldnta known about if adriel wouldnta posted on her facebook.

Thornton Wilder in his play, “The Angel and the Troubled Waters”, illustrates this profound thing. In the play, there is a scene where a medical doctor comes every day to a pool, very similar to the pool in today’s scripture, wanting to be healed of his melancholy and his gloom and his sadness.

Finally an angel appears. As the doctor is about to step into the water and be healed, the angel blocks his entrance and says,

“No, step back, the healing is not for you.”

The doctor pleads,

“But I’ve got to get into the water. I can’t live this way.”

The angel says,

“No, this moment is not for you.”

And he says,

“But how can I live in this way?”

The angel says to him,

“Doctor, without your wounds, where would your power be? It is your melancholy that makes your low voice tremble into the hearts of women and men. The very angels themselves cannot persuade the wretched and blundering children of this earth as can one human being broken on the wheel of living. In love’s service only wounded soldiers can serve”

Merry Christmas.

today is kristin’s twenty-fourth birthday,

i wonder what she wants.

i hope she knows she can have anything.

i hope all of you know that.

i knew kristin when she was just nineteen she reminds me. i knew her when she was just starting up madpony with her sister.

now shes (still) a big star in the dirty south, and i still get hits from people searching for her long defunc blog.

shes better than me in so many ways and i dont blame the world.

her life is a real one and its interesting and madpony is just the tip of the iceberg of her accomplishments and im glad ive gotten to know her a little more than than just from her blog.

our oklahoman is super sweet, shes smart, she works hard, shes a great friend, shes a good sister, shes a great daughter, she does pretty much everything right, and she does it in that hot southern accent.

just like the ramones was mostly johnny, madpony was mostly kristin so we probably shouldnt ask for more from her, but it wouldnt suck to get a comeback.

i still dont know enough about sorority girl life, or what its like to go to a game in norman while their team is top rated and their fans are insane.

or what things are like in her town now that they have to take on Connecticut in Zona on new years day where they will probably win.

im glad to learn about shopping and shoes and things like that, but i want even more.

we’re lucky to have what we have, and you must admit, there arent many kristins.

happy birthday baby.

your biggest fan,

the intertubes

reliving 2010 thru busblog pics

.. here comes June

venice, june 6
chris’s oldest child graduates, so he had a man make tacos at the party

mens room, june 7
the blackhawks were in the playoffs, it was time for a playoff beard

kanpai w/karisa, june 12
it appears there are a few pieces of lobster roll on the plate

activision e3 concert, staples center, june 14
starring janes addiction, eminem and rihanna

staples center, june 16
lakers beat the celtics in seven games

la county museum of art, june 18
the la times is errrywhere

hollywood, june 25
danielle came to town, so we did a photo shoot