i want a candy bar

but im at work and its a long way to the machine

so im eyeing this packet of Mayonaise that’s tempting me from across my desk.

these are the reasons the terrorists hate us.

if they still do hate us, which i doubt they do.

the only people who should hate us are the Canadians because we pollute their waters and skies and talk trash about their health care – as if!

tonight im gonna have some drinks with the man who sold me the old car

then i am gonna go home and dig into Proverbs.

im more than half way through the bible – cover to cover – and i feel like im picking up steam.

one lesson i learned from Psalms: dont be a cheesy ass boring whiner

do you know who i miss? the pants.

pictured here without any.

if you add up all the good moments i had with the pants and subtract all the not so good moments, you’d have a negative number.

but she had a few things going for her that i really admire.

lets start with the karaoke.

ive known quite a few people who are really into karaoke, but that girl’d karaoke to pretty much anything anywhere

any time.

once we went karaoking at a club that once pulled the plug on a band named nirvana. she was so drunk she later puked on the way home. but like how jim nahbors never stutters when he sings, the pants didnt slur while she was drunkaraoking.

which brings us to her dancing.

damn natural. would dance to anything. anywhere.

even at her most annoying someone would turn on the radio and shed get to dancing. not really in a sexy way, more like a happy way. didnt matter if the room was filled mostly with dudes who ended up just watching, shed dance and smile and itd make you think about the song better.

but the reason i miss her is because she was a blogger at the very top of the top percentile.

i dont know why she stopped, what shes up to, what her deal is, or why the caged bird doesnt sing, but the blogosphere and in turn, the world, is missing out on something very special.

which when in one of her blog posts,

was never annoying.

not once.

photo of the pants (l) and big tanky (r) on 6/2006