erryone loves john lennon

who once sang about Instant Karma and how its gonna get u

karma, a buddhist concept, is actually something you want to avoid cuz it gets in yr way

and lessens the chances of you being Enlightened at that moment.

you want to be in the moment.

which moment?

the moment where buddah does something wacky like simply raise a flower

and errryone gets it, and becomes enlightened right then.

pretty girl said go find yourself. get lost. go somewhere you dont know.

and it puzzled me cuz i was pretty sure i knew exactly who i was

but she was right, i had lost my place in the novella called our lives.

so i found myself somewhere new.

but no one said you have to be there forever, just long enough to be open

like really open.

and 30,000 feet above the usa, in the dark, with yr eyes closed

listening to bob dylan radio on xm as bob plays old blues numbers for you

you just might find yourself ready for a little epiphany.

and you might get off that plane

refreshed, revitalized, and ready.

instant light.

ready to shine.