i took a long walk today

i went to the koreatown karwash to get the old car detailed for danielle, he said come back in 3 hours

so i strolled and thought of all the good times i have had in that car

the time i drove to vancouver during christmas

the time i drove around the country to thank all the kids for chipping in to buy me the car

the time i got personal with that long haired asian girl on sunset plaza drive

the time i spent hours one night just convincing that other girl to hold my hand

i got it at a time when i didnt really need a car, but it was so good and so cheap, i had to

while walking i saw this store and thought, does this mean you have 10 year old imports?

while i was walking i ate kfc till this bum saw me and said whoah whoah so i gave him the rest

not sure why people had put sunflowers on the gloved ones star

not sure i could ever leave hollywood