there was a time when no one said no to me about nothing

hey everyone lets do this, id say and they would.

hey you two girls lets have a fashion show contest and theyd be all whoo hooo.

id write letters to famous companies and theyd say omg tony pierce wants to work for us? roll out the red carpets.

but life changes. mojo gets stolen. hair disappears. bellies inflate. etc etc etc. and people get used to saying no to me.

not sure i understand it. other than this is the part of life that separates the man from the boy. not sure i like it. but will have to maintain decorum. and drink more of course.

and read more books because clearly im not the only soul who has found himself living a life he was never prepared to live.

ok fine, books on tape.

films based on books.

that can be found streaming on netflix.

after all these years it was pretty great to see The Wall

i didnt take a lot of pictures because for most of the show i was all wow.

pretty much as expected, bro built a wall as they played the songs from the album

your pal the pig was there

they even had a very classy intermission

afterwards we took the train home and karisa tried to hide her bangs – to no avail

it rained a little and we shoulda prob taken a cab home but it was fun to ride with LA

especially my first place Bears fan who had the hat, jacket, and even gloves

i <3 LA