excited to see The Wall with these people

people say oh but its just Roger Waters, it isnt most of Pink Floyd

and id argue that hes the most important part

he wrote most of it, sang most of it, Is it.

the Radio K.A.O.S. tour in like ’86 was one of the greatest shows ive ever seen, still. and that was Rogers minus all of Floyd and it was tremendous.

meanwhile what has Floyd done without Waters? anything interesting? nothing in the slightest. theyve lost their voice and direction.

sure this tour is a cash cow money grab where the cheapest tickets are over $125 in these cavernous arenas.

but in these days where everyone is doing concerts of their best albums in their entirety (pixies, devo, public enemy, weezer, van morrison… even steely dan) whats so wrong with a guy doing a monster album all the way through, especially since when the record came out there wasnt much of a tour because of the ginormousness of the production.

even though i was extremely aware of the material before i made it to college, it was there, particularily with rob and chris that i became re-immersed with it due to the steady diet of all things floyd zep and dead coming from their hippie commune.

add karisa into the mix who also counts the wall as one of her all time faves then we have an educated and motivated group to a) preparty correctly b) use public transpo to the event and c) experience the magic with fond memories attached to each measure

there was a time when i thought of the wall as simply a depressing album about war and loss. but now it seems deeper than that – a grand and wild whole made up of individually crafted parts of perfection.

its also something we havent heard before or, sadly, since.