anna rang me on my cell phone

it seems like everyone knows that i have a cell phone now, and not only knows, but knows my number.

my mom called the house this weekend and asked me for the number and i had to call Ashley to find out what it was because i couldnt figure out how to make the phone tell me.

anyhow Anna called me from England.

“why are you writing about the Internet crash– still!?” she asked in a huff.

it wasnt about the Internet, it was about Baseball. i told her.

“but shit man, why arent you writing about me?” she demanded.

anna, you lost in your opening round in Wimbeldon. 6-1, 4-6, 6-4

“yeah, but i almost won.”

ok, never thought about that. are you, you know, happy over there? i asked

“dude man, i feel awesome. i swear i almost beat her in that last set. im feeling better and stronger and i think you will see me win some more games very very soon.

wow, anna, ive never seen you so upbeat.

“i just emailed you a picture that my friend took of me whispering the chick who beat me. i told her that im going to wipe her punkass all over the court next time so watchit.”

anna kournikova!

“yeah. i gotta go. remember that tournament that Martina Navritolova came back out of retirement to play in?”

yeah, the Eastborne, right? the grass court tune-up there in England?

“yeah, this African American girl won and shes my doubles partner and we’re going to turn some heads here in Wimbledon.”

the chick who looks like Tiger Woods? hey, what happen to Hingis?

“who? oh yeah, her, she had surgery last month”

ok, anna, well, keep your spirits up, it’s great to hear you happy again.

“i think it’s just the weather, i love it when it’s warm. kisses, smookums”

and she thought she hung up the phone but she didnt and i could hear her giggling and singing very nice, Very nice things about me.

and that made me super happy.

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