“don’t be so predictable,”

hley warned in the wee hours last night as she discoverd that i was going to do a little photo essay on the other twenty year old princess, britney spears.

me, predictable?

“sure, first anna, now britney. i just dont want people to think that you’re not cool.”

but im not cool.

“oh, youre very cool.”

even after seeing britney like a dillweed?

“yes. you’ll make it a cool thing.”

so why are you worried?

“i dont know, just am. you know how you can make your thing a hundred times cooler?”

start writing about how Bush Knew about 9/11 and didnt do shit?

“uh, no. have more pictures of me on there.”

what about more indepth laker coverage?

“no, more me.”

what about telling the kids that Tsar is going to be playing tonight at the Dragonfly with the Bad Apples?

“that’s ok, but more me will make it way better.”

what about shining on anna, and dedicating my blog to the Williams Sisters who are now number one and two in the world?

“ok, nerd, that would be dumb.”

War Emblem is about to win the triple crown.

“what does that have to do with me?”

ok, i’ll have more pictures of you.


yes. i just made one last night.

“ahhhh! really? which one did you use?”

the one of you trying to look like Tinkerbell.

“AAAAHHHH. ok, tell me when you use it.”

ok, will do.

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