today is dean martin’s birthday

he would have been 36 today.

made a big mistake at the baja fresh this afternoon, ordered the Totally Baja Burrito or some shit and i never order burritos there cuz for $6 a burrito should blow you. the correct price for a good burrito is between $2.50 and $4.50.

but i was starving, and ive been eating their taquitos with a side of beans and that hasnt been filling me up, so i went for it and said “no onions” they said, but it comes in the pico gigante sauce so i said fine. not knowing that pico gigante means hunks of tomatoes and onions and cilantro.

so now my fingers smell of baja which is a smell you cannot cleanse yourself of even after several scrubbings.

lately ive discovered that my olfactory glands are working better than ever. i used to think that one sense only gets stronger if another sense starts to fade.

so maybe i can smell things better because my memory is so wacked.

or cuz my hair is thinning like mad.

anyway i was over at this young lady’s house the other day and it was weird how the smells of her country home totally brought back old memories and made me trust her in a powerful and odd way.

it made me want to wear cologne, but then if i did i wouldnt be able to smell the rest of the world cuz i would have this barrier of eau between me and it.

baja fresh recently switched from Coke to Pepsi to increase their profit margin, then they sold out to Wendys.

dear Wendy’s please switch back over to Coke.



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