people ask why im going to see britney spears

britney over the yearstomorrow night at staples.

i have several reasons, the first being i havent seen a good stripper, in person, in years.

outside of my living room.

secondly, i have great seats.

but ultimately, i love music, i love the music scene, and i love pop music and pop culture, and for whatever reason, with britney and christina, and anna and ashley and beyonce, the universe has thrown heaps of twenty year old girls at me and i dont know why.

and sometimes its dumb to ask why.

sometimes its just your job to experience the experience.

a few rows from the stage.

up, just a little bit.

and see if that dirty little girl can put on a show.

for those of you who live in LA and are as curious as i am about ms. spears’s talents, i have been keeping a keen eye on the ticket situation here and i will tell you that you shouldnt be surprised if you brought $20 to the downtown arena and found yourself possessing an $80 seat near where i’ll be sitting.

even the most popular teen phenom has a hard time selling out two nights at Staples and her record hasnt exploded the way people expected and this is pretty much just a rehash tour of the one she broadcasted on HBO and how many teenagers do you know have $80 to check out a chick lip sync?

but for $20, i’ll check out some cutesie karaoke.

what the hell else am i gonna do, wait for her big comeback tour when shes 26?

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