as a connoisseur of municipal trash cans

i gotta give it up to toronto

they have a difficult problem in this city because of the extreme weather,

they also want to be green.

however with an open lid, not only can wind blow the trash out of the can, but snow can fill it up.

with this ingenious design you open the lid by stepping on the lever with your foot (which is also far more sanitary than most other trash bins), and if you have recycleables you slide them into the slot.

not only does the city achieve their goal (clean city streets) but the citizens dont foul their hands in the process. bravo, TO!

6 thoughts on “as a connoisseur of municipal trash cans

  1. the slots are kinda small if you’re carrying something big. i find that’s usually a small bag of garbage, coffee cup or waterbottle which is a-ok. best garbage bin i’ve seen yet, they just came out last year!

  2. yeah i exclusively save my tv and pizza boxes for toronto bins cos i like folding big pieces of cardboard into multiple tiny small cardboard squares just cos. who cares how small, how about leave your garbage at home?

  3. i’ve heard in LA there’s things you can step on that will open up and let you put your garbage in…
    pretty much the cast of whoever on Dr. Drew’s shows….
    *rim shot!

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