ten things i wanna do in 2010

(but probably wont cuz im a zombie dbag)

10. hang out with Danielle more than 2x a year. she lives in san diego, not san paolo. same goes for the rest of my friends. im a pretty horrible friend. theres nothing cute about that.

9. join a gym and actually use it. for some reason in 2009 i started running. i typically haul ass through hollywood around midnight and do a 10k. im incredibly lucky that i look about 90 years younger than my actual age despite eating mcdonalds as much as i do – clearly this luck will run out soon. so the plan is run the mile and a half to the gym, work out like The Situation, then run home.

8. get a washer/dryer for the crib, or move to a new pad that has one (and a hot tub). when i moved in to my bachelor pad i had no money, no credit, a horrible job, and no car. most of that has changed. i can now afford a washer dryer. im an adult. i shouldnt be cleaning my drawers at Lucy’s at 2am with crackheads and hookers REGARDLESS of how endlessly entertaining it is. not everything in life is blog fodder [ed note: nothing in here is true]

7. at least an hour reading the bible every sunday. a while back i made a new years resolution to read at least one chapter of the bible every sunday. i think it was the only resolution that actually turned into a long-term habit. it might also be the secret of any success i may have had over the years. only problem is, more sundays than i’d like to remember i look at the clock and its 11:15pm. i read the chapter in no time and go back to whatever nonsense i was doing. the purpose of the original resolution was to keep the sabbath holy. 15 minutes of last minute reading doesnt really accomplish that goal. not saying an hour will do the trick, but it’s a step in the right direction.

6. work harder and longer hours at the Times. truth of the matter is, i have no wife, kids, girlfriend, incredible hobbies. i am ridiculously lucky to be where i am in the dream job of my life. there are no guarantees that it will always be like this, so i should do as much as i can while im here, especially when theres always more to be done.

5. sock away at least 10% of my salary. i did pretty good saving in 2008, but a terrible job of doing it in 2009. i eat out way too much. i need to make lunch more and bring it into work instead of paying $8 for a five dolla foot long and an apple juice. that should help the savings right there.

4. read a book a month. this was on last years list and yet i only read three books in 2009 (Push, Paul Schaeffers book & Dave Navarros book). for a Lit major thats pretty pathetic. especially considering the fact that i read dozens of books each quarter in college While drinking While working for the school paper While working three jobs.

3. remember and embody the unpublished words of Bryn Speed. when i was in high school i created this character BS. in this unfinished story he tells this asswipe bf of this girl he likes that theres really only three things that men need to do in life: make love legendarily, provide handsomely for his loved ones, and make unforgettable art. Bryn said it in more frank terms, but those were different days.

2. see a film or a concert once a week. i live in hollywood. other than porn, movies and rock are our greatest exports. it shouldnt be that hard to enjoy the riches our little burb produces.

1. create magic once a month. and not just in canada.

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  1. You are right about laundry mats. The laundry and the bus provide loads of entertainment. I try to avoid making these kind of lists; that way I don’t have to be dissappointed.

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