dont get me started about lcd soundsystem

had drinks with a very well educated man about this so called innovative band

who said without lcd-s there would have been no lady gaga.

80s throwbacks (because we havent had enough of those) who have two records out and yet somehow deserves the right to be the second bold band on the opening night of coachella.

were those first two albums called “led zeppelin one” and “led zeppelin two”, i asked him.

YES he said YES!

overlooking entirely, we both did, that the third bold band on friday actually INCLUDES a member of led zeppelin, not to mention its drummer being from some seattle band no ones ever heard of.

and those guys have to be listed After lcd freaking soundsystem?

so you got Jay-Z, and supergroup and somehow lcd soundsystem has done something to place it right after Jay-Z

Johnny Rotten wasn’t good enough?

Echo and the Bunnymen?

Grace Jones?

lcd soundsystem.

all we’ve been through together and thats what i gotta see up in lights.

much as i love PiL, i should just stay home friday because of grizzly bear alone, but this lcd soundsystem putsch almost seals the deal.

im too old for three days anyways.

5 thoughts on “dont get me started about lcd soundsystem

  1. LCD Soundsystem… didn’t they have like one “hit” in North America?  And wasn’t that “hit” actually really shitty?  of course I could be wrong given they hold zero appeal for me and I’ve not bothered to follow them at all…but something tells me I’m right.

  2. Sound of Silver was one of my favorite albums of ’07, but I can’t say that I disagree with you. TCV is pretty good, but I thought you didnt like Homme (well QOTSA at least?)

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