for Cub fans Andre Dawsome was like

the hottest chick in school wanting to be your girlfriend

it didnt make any sense.

you went along with it but you always felt that any day it would be over.

he looked way too good in that uniform, he played so much better than everyone else, he could hit for power, steal bases, many gold gloves. and he was super nice.

clearly there was a catch.

plus how did we even get him? he was a stud with the Expos for a decade before coming to the Cubs – how was it that he didnt get his big payday with the Yankees or the Dodgers?

around the web non-Cub fans are griping and moaning that Albert Belle or Roberto Alomar were not selected. One guy was a jerk and the other spit on an umpire. It’s good to see that the writers didn’t just look at a guy’s stats and instead looked at his Entire career.

andre dawson was a guy you could show your kid (or your sisters kids) and say, see that guy, he’s what being a baseball player is all about.

and now people can do that when they see his bust in Cooperstown.

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