one of the best parts of being out in the public

is all the nice emails i get

and even though we havent done an Ask Tony in a while i got this email the other day that i only just got around to investigating.


Love you. Love the blog. Question. I know you love the Beastie Boyz and Letterman, me and my girlfriends were watching the time when the Boyz went on Letterman in support of the dvd “Awesome I Shot That” and they gave cameras to a few of the audience members as well as one to David and Paul. Around the 3:20 mark, you can see that David is not shooting the boys at all, but seems to be pointing his camera toward the wings. Earlier in the set one of the cameras is spying on a young woman who isn’t in the audience at all. Twice we see this woman. She is very attractive and seems familiar. Do you think she is one of Dave’s “mistresses”?


Roxanne, Ontario, Canada

all i can say is there was a time when The Great White North was so much different than the callus, critical, cynical Lower 48. what happened? didnt you people spend most of your time communing with nature, baking, and reading books? margaret atwood is probably rolling in her grave!

but yes, even at the 1:30 mark dave is obvs not filming the three bad bros you know so well. that young lady at 1:46 sure does look like stephanie birkitt. although she also looks a little like ScarJo. oh well, back to puking so i can go to work demain.

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