remember those fires we had

out here in LA

what happens is when it rains after a big fire, there nothing to absorb that water, so it just turns into mud and flows down the sides of the mountains.

youre really not safe no matter where you live out here.

somethings gonna get ya.

live by the beach and it will be erosion or rock slides or mel gibson

live in the hood and one of the gangs will catch you in a crossfire

live in the val and porn stars’ll jump outta the bushes and start to make out with you

live downtown and they’ll build all around you at all hours.

everywhere theres car chases, movie shoots, and annoying young hollywood and their train of paparazzis.

earthquakes, riots, droughts, gays wanting to get married, weed stores sprouting up like weeds, action movie hero govn’r,

the smog, the traffic, the phony baloneys.

everyone is a star for a little while here in hollywood.

this week, enter the mud.

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