why i love women

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youve probably never been to milwaukee. if so you havent missed a damn thing. when i was growing up in ILL i took my prom date to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. i didnt taker to milwaukee. probably because even though i didnt love her, i didnt hater either.

needless to say Lindsay is the hottest babe in milwaukee. i say that because shes probably the hottest babe in most towns you know too. i really wish her photos really showed off her true essence because shes a mysterious young woman and digital photography has a hard time grasping what shes all about.

not that im any expert in what shes all about. but it is fun sometimes trying to uncover it all.

anyways shes been trying to break up with this new dude. funny thing is, theyre not even together. officially. perhaps youve been in a situation like this before: you know nothing serious is happening, but they think something is Very serious.

sometimes breaking up with someone when youre both super into it is easier because when the other side sees that youre distraught too they realize “damn hes breaking up with me and its hurting him too? this must be serious.” but when the other person is the only one hurting they arent as willing to let it be over.

especially if shes the hottest babe in town.

with the longest legs.

and eyes that remind you of the rich chocolate nougat only found in Milky Way Dark candy bars.

so why do i love women? let me count the ways. mostly because their ways are so convoluted and bizarre when it comes to relationships. here they are the smartest animals on the crust yet when it comes to their beating hearts, logic is thrown out the window.

click over to Lindsays blog post for today and tell me if im reading this right: but it appears that in order to break up with this man, she waits for him to head to the can, then she gets naked and spends the night with him.

now ive heard of reverse psychology before but i have never attempted that move as a way to kiss a girl off.

cant wait to see if it worked.

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  1. How does one “try” to break up. Having lowered the boom multiple times, there’s only one way to do it–break up. You can’t have your cake and eat it too and not do it.

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