one of my all time favorite bloggers lets loose on Christmas eve

from Zulieka’s latest post

So what is happening, is that I am starting to think that I don’t need this guy in my life. All of his affection, and my affection, is heaped onto our daughter and we have nothing for each other. He is always dead tired, and you have to feel sorry for him, but when did feeling sorry for someone keep a marriage going? I asked my mother on the phone “do you think it’s bad that we are so loving to Zumi and so awful to each other? My mother related this story, in typical Japanese nihilistic gloom, about her cousin. The man and his wife adored their son. The wife has an affair. The man kills himself. The son is now in a mental institution. HO, ho, ho.

the more i read blogs and the more i talk to young women in relationships the more im starting to believe that today’s male species is going through a major bout of douchebaggery.

how are we so tired all the time? why arent we creating miracles?

and if women are so smart, why do they keep choosing these dudes who almost instantly turn into absolute losers?

does a huge package and a six pack really hypnotize even the wisest women down a path of years and years of misery and disappointment?

what happened to all those gurls who swore they

i dont see any nerds with the hotties wearing those tshirts.

perhaps the next generation will change everything.

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