without you

my life is dark, cold, and empty

with you theres record highs so warm that if youre not wearing shorts…

its hot.

today my friends all gathered round to wish each other a merry christmas

they brought their precious little angels who when you said whaddya asking santa for…

theyd say a stable economy and a real plan to ease unemployment

children are best for blocking the shots from prying paparazzi

it was so good to see everyone, many of whom ive known half my life!

the littlest baby was uptight till this lil layne kept saying hi to him: adorables

the angriest cat in america was there and someone asked a little girl if she remembered being scratched two years ago by him and she was all nope!

the idea was to trim the tree but that tree looked just fine the way it was

the overflowing dishes of food, though, did appear in need of (reverse) trimming

especially the jumbo shrimp, cheese, and meatballs

know what made me happy? that no matter how old we get, theres always room for red plastic cups.

and little kids who’ll pour us a nice glass of apple juice on the floor

merry christmas friends, cya at new years!

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