the most underrated movie of the Aughts

: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

mixed raced celebrities ran the table in the ’00s.

mariah carey (black/irish) sold more records than any woman.

derek jeter (black/irish) won his 4th and 5th rings, became the yankee captain, got more hits by any shortstop ever, and won four gold gloves. and got to date mariah.

barack obama (african/american) road Shepard Fairey’s coattails to the top

tiger woods (“cablinasian”) maintained an unblemished image while making golf watchable

mariah wins by being in the worst movie of the decade “glitter” and one of the best “you dont mess with the zohan”.

but i win because i was just checking my gmail and the hottest girl in a few states over pops up on my chat screen and says whatchadoin

and i say watching the zohan

she says omg im so hungover and proceeds to tell me that now that school is over she gets drunk and makes out with boys in bars. which is very funny because shes not really that type of girl.

then she sighed about her lovelife which made me wonder if blogging is bad for hot babes’ love lives.

then i ate a nature valley crunchy granola bar before heading off to the cinema

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