every day you should learn five things

, laugh, cry, and love.

1. Nick Cave + Harry Potter + very interesting tale as to how the two met up = 10k Facebook shares in just a few days

2. All you have to do is hit .196 in your contract year and the Cubs will sign you for $10 million for a year

3. A male XXX performer usually gets $200-$800 for filming a straight scene and $1,000-$2,000 for a gay scene.

4. Groupon passed on a $6 Billion offer from Google to buy it. “… a $6 billion pricetag represents nearly a fifth of Ebay’s enterprise value, more than a third of Yahoo’s, and twice that of IAC and AOL.”

5. Baltimore Oriole first baseman Luke Scott seriously does not believe that Barack Obama is eligible to be president.

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