there was a time that when i blogged people would take pictures

theyd gather round in awe and watch and take notes and secretly call their friends

“hes doing it right in front of me”.

but alas those days are over. im a child star who’s now an awkward adult.

im a classic rock band and no one wants to hear the new stuff.

FREEBIRD! they yell.

but unlike rock groups or crooners, a blogger’s past is unimportant to the kids.

unlike Jane’s Addiction i cannot just play Nothings Shocking for an audience and see them satisfied with delight at the umpteenth rendition of Jane Says.

but i dont despair, in fact i embrace the challenge. growth is what we should aim for. instead of making greatest hits and living in the past, we should constantly be striving to be better today than we were yesterday.

which is why i love blogging because the scoreboard is unblinking: suck and people will stop reading, rule and the rewards are plentiful.

today howard stern was given a new contract worth, reportedly, $80 million in cash for each of the next five years that he broadcasts his show on Sirius satellite radio. thats how people should be rewarded: kick butt, get paid.

unfortunately it doesnt always work out that way. sometimes you get rewarded for hitting .196, sometimes you dont get rewarded even though you’re kicking booty.

for those people i say hang in there baby, as led zep says, your time is gonna come.

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