its keira-annes birthday!

shes 24!

omg keira anne and i go way back. we first met in the xbi when she was trying to poison me with some truth serum

and i played along for a while

and then turned the tables.

now neither of us are at the agency so we can talk more openly and honestly together.

turned out the xbi prevented her from dating for as long as she was working there. something id never heard of before, but it makes sense.

never know when youre going to be kidnapped or killed.

the last thing theyd want is for you to blink if the bad guys flashed a picture of someone you loved on the screen.

but now that she has a regular job she has a bf. who she seems pretty into, so of course i am very happy for her.

and hes a lucky dude because i can only imagine all that pent up lovin thats inside our sweet girl from BC.

sadly you wont be reading any of those personal details in her blog, but you will learn alot about vancouver and british columbia. so make sure to go to

and if you wanna revisit the past check out our old interviews.

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