so much went wrong this week

but it could have been far worse

coulda got hit by a car coulda got eaten by sharks coulda got struck by lightening.

coulda got creamed by lebron when he returned home coulda caught an std coulda caught a cold

coulda got impeached coulda gotten shock treatment coulda been diagnosed with cancer

coulda gotten mugged coulda gotten canned coulda gotten a broken neck

coulda got drowned coulda lost my keys coulda gotten arrested

coulda been surrounded by gang members coulda gotten my legs wacked with nightsticks coulda woken up with a horse head

instead most of the things that happened were more annoying than lifechanging

but i do miss my baby, and i was able to diffuse a fight by being funny

but i do have a headache and hafta wake up earl in the morn to tie up lose ends

woe is me

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