saw black swan last night

, i was pleasantly surprised.

natalie portman was really good of course. she plays the petite protagonist like a pro.

but yr girl mila kundis, she defies all the herky jerky directorial cues, she sizzles effortlessly

the whole movie works on so many levels.

and best of all it asks the viewer, are you as complete as you could be?

are you holding back

why are you holding back

people are saying The Fighter is the best movie of the year hands down, but Black Swan is getting the exact same high rating on rottentomatoes (88%).

the times’ kenneth turan is one of the minority who ripped it to shreds, pointing out the directors lack of subtlety and flat characters.

the readers root him on: “Great review.  Turan is one of the few critics who still has a voice and does not seem concerned about writing an advertisement for the film,” said Bilboa.

anonymous 47 said “I don’t often agree with Turan’s reviews, but I completely cosign this one.  I cannot believe the postive reviews this film is getting.  Somewhere in this film is a good movie with a different director.  But this?  This is not it.  At all.  I get people are looking for something new & original, especially considering the dreck out there.  Finding five best Oscar nominees will be tough, much less ten.  But good lord.  This is not a good movie.”

roger ebert was in the majority giving it 3 1/2 stars saying it’s “a full-bore melodrama, told with passionate intensity, gloriously and darkly absurd.”

apparently everyones gotta run out and rent “The Red Shoes” now, im being told. ok.

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  1. Saw “The Red Shoes” a looong time ago… pretty amazing film for its day. As for “Black Swan” I’ll see it eventually, but I always go into an Aronofsky film rather timidly, like an abused kid asking for a hug from a father who’s never been anything but fists.

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