three years ago today i began working at the LA Times

one lady actually wrote me when i started to say it wouldnt last six months

occasionally strangers stop by and say even meaner things

sometimes it makes Lindsay frown, but usually it’s a very strange dream come true

every month and every year more and more people come to our blogs

the secret ingredient? these people. they’re amazing.

One thought on “three years ago today i began working at the LA Times

  1. hard to believe its been 3 years!  years ago i remember googling how to blog, found your blogging 101 post, followed your blog, then a little later to no surprise you took over at LA Times. its great to see honest, dedicated work get respect like that. 
    as for me, i only follow your posts once in a while cuz i dont even live in L.A. but i share your down to earth writing style, and i often come to your blog for inspiration. i always leave motivated to write, write more, and write well. so thanks tony!
    Merry Christmas!

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